Mold Damage Service in Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Mold Damage Restoration in Greater Dallas-Fort Worth

A small water leak at your office or commercial property could lead to major mold problems that impact your bottom line if not addressed quickly and properly. That's simply a cause-and-effect reality in the business world.

You need a clean and healthy commercial space to attract the best workers or tenants, thereby maximizing your profit margin.  You certainly cannot tolerate mold damage, but that can be the unwanted result from leaky faucets in the break room, plumbing problems in one of the bathrooms, condensation issues with your HVAC system or roof damage that has led to water leaks.

Dalworth Commercial can stop the spread of mold and restore your commercial property to original condition with unmatched speed and efficiency in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our company has been setting the standard for mold damage restoration services throughout North Texas for more than four decades. Our IICRC-certified technicians will use a whole-building approach to detect, clean up and remove mold from all areas of your property to provide you with a safer, healthier building with improved air quality for your employees or tenants.

Dalworth Commercial is licensed by the State of Texas for Mold Remediation and our company has earned an A-plus rating from BBB, the highest industry standard. We can provide you an estimate for mold clean-up services after a mold assessment and protocol have been set by an environmental company. Our representatives also can work directly with your insurance company for claims and billing issues.

Mold Growth Happens Quickly 

Mold is a microscopic organism, a type of fungus that thrives in a humid, moist environment. Once moisture has entered your building, mold growth can occur if structural drying is not performed within 24-28 hours.

Because mold triggers a wide variety of health risks, ranging from respiratory ailments to certain types of cancer, its presence in your commercial property must be eradicated ASAP. If not, mold spores will multiply and be released into the air, where allergens and other irritants will be carried into all parts of your building by your HVAC's ductwork.

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Early indicators of mold presence include poor air quality and musty odors. Typically, mold enters a building in conjunction with water damages created by:

Once in your building, organic matter provides food for mold growth. That means primary breeding grounds may include your drywall, insulation, wallpaper, wall paints, carpets, sheetrock and wood. Our proven professionals use advanced equipment, including infrared cameras and humidity moisture meters, to detect mold in all areas of your property before using certified cleaning and water damage restoration techniques to eliminate your problem. 

Dalworth Simplifies the Mold Remediation Process

Dalworth Commercial employs a proven process to remove, clean up and repair mold damage to your property. Our process is designed to reduce your stress and minimize the downtime for your business. Upon arrival, our remediation experts will work within the mold assessment and protocol set by the environmental company and provide the following services:

    • Work Directly with Your Insurance to File Your Claim
    • Examine the Mold Damages
    • Secure the Affected Area
    • Perform Mold Removal, Clean-Up, Dry-Out and Repairs
    • Provide Contents Restoration and Storage
    • Dispose of Affected Components and Materials
    • Complete Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation
    • Treat HVAC System and Ductwork
    • Provide Whole House Mold Disinfection
    • Provide Demolition, Construction & Reconstruction

Our Advanced Equipment Gets Results

At Dalworth Commercial, our certified technicians will arrive with state-of-the-art equipment to eradicate your mold-related issues. We will use commercial-grade dehumidifiers and water removal and extraction equipment to dry your floors, carpets, cabinets, and walls. This will contain damages and stop the spread of mold growth. After the affected area is secured, we create negative air pressure to direct the mold away from your indoor space and store your contents.

Next, we dry and clean your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and crawl spaces before treating them with HEPA filtration to remove remaining mold particles. To remove any remaining airborne contaminants, we use negative ions (electrically-charged particles) to disinfect your home.

Trust Dalworth Commercial to Solve Your Mold-Related Issues

When you need mold abatement and remediation services at your office or commercial property, you can count on Dalworth Commercial to deliver. Our company has been handling those issues for the past four decades for business owners throughout the D-FW Metroplex and our efforts have led to an A-plus rating from BBB, the highest industry standard. Our emergency crews are licensed by the State of Texas and available on a 24/7/365 basis to address your emergency. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 855-287-1814.